Treat your skin this thanksgiving

Treat your skin this thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s natural to want to look your best before spending this time with friends and family. Enhancing your natural radiance starts with a healthy complexion, and the right skincare routine. With innovative skincare, you can treat your skin to spa-quality treatments that enhance your skin without leaving the house.

If you are traveling during Thanksgiving defend your skin from the dry air with ProPlus Advanced Recovery Complex. Powerful peptides harnessed from non-embryonic human stem cells work to lift skin, tightening and firming. Plant extracts, enhanced by science, work in concert to help diminish lines, reduce wrinkles, prevent dehydration and replenish soothing moisture.

Pro Tip, pack your main skin care products into your checked luggage and carry on a little pouch of in-flight essentials. This includes make-up wipes, lip balm, Eye Firming Complex, face mist and a hydrating mask.

Always exfoliate and hydrate the night before traveling and maintain your regular skin care routine as much as possible. Pay special attention to your lips, neck and eyes, pack a good book to stimulate your mind and safe travels!

Thanksgiving is known for indulging our favorite meals and drinks. Food brings a different value. Sometimes it’s to fuel, sometimes to recover; sometimes it’s to nourish, and other times it’s just to enjoy. However, there is a link between sugar and aging, and an excess of glucose in the bloodstream may cause a bevy of skin issues including wrinkles, drying of the skin, and inflammation.

The morning after the ‘big feast’, give your face an anti-bloat routine by applying cold compresses over your eyes. Drink some water with lemon slices and take a walk.

If you’re planning on staying up late or immediately going Black Friday shopping, skip makeup and prioritize hydrating skin care ingredients: Consider supporting collagen and elastin production, hyaluronic acid production and brightening the skin by using ProPlus Advanced Defense Complex. These ingredients help promote rapid rejuvenation of damaged cells and hold an active DNA protection complex to treat UV-stressed skin.

Why Collagen?

  • Firms and tones skin for a smoother surface
  • Upregulation of hyaluronic acid increases moisture channeling
  • Micro-molecular delivery penetrates more easily
  • Minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles
  • Increases collagen upregulation

Adding a Collagen Booster with anti-aging advanced technology (molecules small enough to absorb into the skin) may deliver more skin smoothing benefits than you thought possible.

Giving always feels good during this time of year, but this year especially, send your loved one the gift of medical-grade skin care to use right at home.

Remember, the best part of the holiday season are the connections you make. Be present, be grateful, and tell people you love them, including yourself.