We fuse scientific technology with highly advanced ingredients to encourage more resilient, youthful skin

How do you use scientific breakthroughs to craft superior anti-aging skin care? At Lifeline, we began with our own patented stem cell skin care discovery. While researching cures for diabetes and Parkinson's Disease, a team of biotech scientists discovered a powerful human stem cell extract that improved the look of aging skin. This discovery has created a new era in anti-aging skin care products. We continue to build on that stem cell success, using our advanced absorption technology to deliver specialized ingredients more effectively through our expanded skin care line.

The Power of Human Stem Cells

Our founding team of scientists discovered a new class of stem cells that promise to change health care -- and skin care. They created the first non-embryonic human stem cells. These cells can proliferate and live almost indefinitely. And with this discovery, stem cell cures for incurable diseases -- like Parkinson's Disease, liver disease, and blindness -- now look promising. Our unique patented process creates human stem cell extracts from unfertilized eggs, rather than embryos. Our parent company, International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) is the only source for these ground-breaking stem cell skin serums. ISCO has pioneered a new class of human pluripotent stem cells derived from unfertilized eggs. These stem cells, known as human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSC) retain all of the advantages required to generate targeted therapeutic tissues for research and regenerative therapies.

New absorption technologies deliver advanced anti-aging ingredients like never before

Lifeline Skin Care products are more easily absorbed by the skin, because of our small molecule technology. Recently, our scientists have found a way to harness small molecule technology, allowing specialized ingredients to be absorbed into skin more easily and infinitely faster because of their low molecular weight. These micro-molecules work to firm and tone, awakening dormant collagen and more.

Breakthrough skin care helps fund research

The purchasing of Lifeline Skin Care products helps to fund further research into finding cures and treatments for:

• Parkinson's Disease and other diseases of the nervous system

• Blinding diseases of the eye

• Liver disease

All products sold from this website are guaranteed to be genuine Lifeline products. We do not license the brand name, the technology, the stem cell extracts or proprietary ingredients to any other company. You can purchase Lifeline Skin Care online, and through select physicians, spas, and international distributors.

For a list of authorized resellers, please contact customercare@lifelineskincare.com.