Improve your beautiful life with wellness goals

Improve your beautiful life with wellness goals

What does wellness mean to you? As we step into the hectic holiday season, prioritizing work, family and others before yourself may lead to feeling drained and burned out. Setting a wellness plan before the chaos begins is a brilliant way to incorporate health and balance to your mind, body and soul and step head-on into the busy season. 

A wellness plan should take into account all of these varying dimensions of wellness: environmental, emotional, mental, social, occupational, and physical. Here are some ideas to launch you into a successful wellness plan to suit you and your lifestyle:


In with the good, out with the bad. A well hydrated body will function better and the transportation of nutrients is restored. Watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches and oranges are water-rich foods that help you stay hydrated and a delicious way to stay hydrated.

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The power of movement is a great incorporation to achieve your wellness goals. Benefits include Improved mood, increased energy, and decreased stress. Add yoga, or a 20-minute walk daily and always remember to stretch before and after.


Clean up your environment of toxins (smoke, alcohol) and replace with herbal teas and a good night’s rest.

The last items to add to your wellness plan is quality time with friends and prioritizing self-care. Laughing is a great stress reliever and friends can help with that. Self-care may be an at-home spa evening with a bath, reading an uplifting book or spending a few hours unplugged in nature. 

Remember, don’t make resolutions, instead, create habits. Learn something new every day and write it down. With a little dedication and desire to improve your well-being, your wellness plan is aimed for success and a less stressful holiday season.