A NEW simplified skincare routine

A NEW simplified skincare routine

A NEW simplified skincare routine without the sacrifice of powerful anti-aging ingredients.

Meet the ProPlus Advanced Recovery Complex. Your morning to evening secret weapon.

Perfecting a morning and evening skincare routine is an achievement so many of us desire. With an abundance of products on the market, Lifeline Skincare aims to simplify those overcrowded bathroom cabinets and eliminate the trial and error of mixing multiple products. We have made it easier to achieve revitalized and youthful skin from day to night with efficacious ingredients in just one bottle.

Introducing LifeLine ProPlus Advanced Recovery Complex. This peptide-abundant moisturizer contains the same specialized cutting-edge formulation as our former nighttime cream. However, to aid in a simplified skincare routine, we have developed the complex to be suitable for morning as well as evening use with added benefits.

Now with even more benefits!

This new enriching complex contains peptides from non-embryonic human stem cells to support collagen and encourage elastin production. Additional benefits include B complex nutrients and powerful antioxidants to support healthy cell metabolism to restore the skins barrier, reveal healthier radiant skin and support hyaluronic acid production.

Plus these extra bonus ingredients support improvement of dry, dehydrated skin caused by an imbalanced moisture barrier.

Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin layer increasing hydration from within while improving elasticity, firming, toning, and lifting the skin.

Safflower Seed Oil contains linoleic acid, a powerful essential fatty acid consisting of dirt and oil-removing properties that form a healthy moisture barrier on the skin.

How can the ProPlus Advanced Recovery Complex be incorporated into your daily routine?

After cleansing and toning the skin, apply one to two pumps, spreading evenly over the face and neck. Repeat application every morning and evening to maximize its benefits and reveal brighter, firmer, and suppler skin.

For more advanced skin repair, we recommend treating the skin with the Advanced Recovery Complex in conjunction with our ProPlus Daily Defense Complex.

Help defend the skin from environmental and chronological aging, protect against UV damage, improve circulation, and treat sun damage by applying one to two pumps of the Daily Defense Complex on the skin every morning. Follow up with the Advanced Recovery Complex in your night routine for optimal results.

To streamline your skincare routine without sacrificing ingredients start with functional products from the Lifeline Skincare collection. Each product works for your skin by providing a host of powerful peptides and antioxidants for rapid penetration and proven results.