7 Tips to Instantly Look FLAWLESS

7 Tips to Instantly Look FLAWLESS

With great skin comes great confidence—or at least that’s how it should be. Some may feel the need to pile on makeup when things go south. But of course, it isn’t always easy to set aside at least half an hour everyday for it all. Everyone has those moments—the ones when we just need a quick fix on those days where you feel like you aren’t looking your best. Whether it’s a much needed confidence boost in the middle of a hectic workday or a slight touch-up in the bathroom of a friend’s house, there are a lot of ways to make yourself look a lot more put together.

As one of the more well-known 60-second beauty hacks, applying an ice cube can help your skin look fresh. This is usually done after a well-constructed cleansing routine. Running the cube all over your face right after can actually help minimize any sort of inflammation you may be suffering from. It can be quite cold at first and so it’s best to be careful when doing this. Still, there’s also the added bonus of tightening your pores as well as making you feel a lot more fresh and awake. It’s great for those days when you have an extra minute in your daily morning skincare routine. Lifeline’s ProPlus Advanced Aqueous Treatment also helps with circulation in a similar way, although it goes beyond as it reduces redness and stimulates collagen.

Hair definitely plays a huge part in how you look. Dry shampoo works amazingly well for whenever you’ve skipped a shampoo wash or simply after a tiring workout session. It absorbs any grease or oil that might be caught up in your mane, and using it is as simple as a few quick sprays. It’s perfect for anytime you’re on-the-go too. Of course, it is important to consider your own hair type and texture—after all, not all dry shampoos are made equally. You might also want to take into account how long your hair is, as well as how oily your scalp can become.

Moisturizer has other benefits besides helping you look younger. Incorporating it as a regular part of your routine gives your skin the hydration it needs while also helping your skin hold more water. It also has the long-term benefit of preventing any further skin issues such as acne or dryness. However, just like the dry shampoo, it’s important to get the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type. And while you’re at it, why not add more to your skincare routine? You could start with Lifeline’s ProPlus Advanced Defense Complex, which should be your "go-to" moisturizer even for the driest of skin types.

If you’re in need of a quick pimple fix, applying Visine on the affected area can actually help reduce the redness. You can make use of a q-tip or cotton and put some drops of the solution into it. Hold the soaked cotton on the pimple for about 30 seconds. While this doesn’t get rid of the spot completely, it can help with the redness—at least, making the annoying blemish a lot less noticeable. The Visine bottle is also small enough to carry with you in your bag wherever you go, adding convenience to this unexpected instant solution. There’s also the long-term fix: Lifeline’s Dual Action Exfoliator, which can help prevent clogged pores and lessen acne breakouts.

Much like an ice cube, rosewater mist can reduce inflammation as well—although it’s probably more convenient to fit in your handbag. It’s handy to have whenever your skin is feeling particularly dehydrated or dry. Spray it on your face a few times and let the product soak for a couple of minutes. Remember, though: try not to touch your face right after. This is because your hands may have bacteria that could potentially move to your face, and so this may affect how the rosewater works on your skin.

Sitting at your desk all day (especially with a bad posture) can constrict blood flow, which can then be seen in your skin. Your muscles can become tighter due to the tension that has been built up over the course of the day. This puts a lot of pressure on your neck area and affects collagen production, which is an important building block for healthy-looking skin. Stress shows up through your skin—how you feel on the inside finds it way outside somehow. Try massaging your neck for about a minute or so whenever you can sense the tension building up. And once you feel great on the inside, you can focus on the skin area for the neck using the ProPlus Neck Firming Complex to prevent any wrinkles or sagging skin.

As something that’s more likely than not already in your everyday purse, lipstick is another great way to amp up your look. Just a few swipes over your lips can add a pop of color and brighten everything up. The best part? It doubles as a cheek tint and eyeshadow. The trick is to find the right shade for your skin’s undertones. Those with warmer undertones would benefit from lipsticks that also have warm tones, while those who have cool undertones would look best with cool colors. And the lucky ones with neutral undertones have the option to try both warm and cool shades.