Are you searching for holiday gift ideas?

Are you searching for holiday gift ideas?

Are you searching for holiday ideas to pamper someone special with the perfect beauty gift? Step away from the Botox gift card and choose a collection of unique, customized stem cell skin care products that will last your loved one well into the New Year.

Lifeline Skin Care adds specialized antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other focused ingredients to create our full line of luxury creams, serums and complexes and we have wrapped up our bestselling, top fan products all in one place:

Dual Action Exfoliator: Shine bright as you head into the New Year by exfoliating old and dead skin away.  With Lifeline Skin Care's Dual Action Exfoliator, glycolic acid and microcrystals safely exfoliate dead skin cells. Vitamins and antioxidants fortify skin for a revitalized complexion and newly revealed skin. This is an important addition to any skincare routine in a beautiful jar, just add a ribbon on top!

ProPlus Brightening Cleanser: The ultra-fine powders in Lifeline’s Brightening Cleanser activates upon contact with water, releasing Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzyme powder that exfoliates dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter looking. As a top seller, our Brightening Cleanser is fun to use, feels so good, and lasts a while. This really is a gift that goes a long way. Click here to see how easy this is to use: Watch Now

ProPlus Elastin Booster: This secret anti-aging weapon in a bottle will be the talk of the holiday party. Harnessing the power of our proprietary Targeted Molecule Technology, Lifeline’s Elastin Booster is part of a new biotech approach to combat the telltale signs of maturing skin. With a comprehensive array of super-charged ingredients, the Elastin Booster delivers the essential proteins needed to fill in fine lines, firm sagging skin, and stimulate elastin production. This beautiful bottle is packed with a rich formula utilizing the newest evolution in encapsulation technology that works to replenish lost elastin.

Lifeline Skin Care utilizes small molecule technology with collagen boosting benefits and retinol-like results to help smooth, repair and restore skin to its former beauty. No injections or doctor visits to achieve results, your loved one will thank you.

Shop the collection and give the gift of radiant skin this holiday season and into the New Year.