WINNER! Product of The Year

WINNER! Product of The Year

2016. It ended on a spectacularly high note for Lifeline Skin Care, when our Daily Defense Complex was named Product of the Year by Truth in Aging.

About Truth In Aging

Truth In Aging was founded by Marta Wohrle, a former journalist from Britain. Marta decided to become a more educated beauty and skin care at a consumer level. After digging into the information available, she found most of it to be shoddy and started doing her own research on ingredients. Truth In Aging has grown into a robust community of women and men who test products for at least 30 days and then objectively review them.
“We’ve awarded some seriously innovative formulas over the past two weeks, but human stem cells remain the biggest breakthrough in topical skin care. Recent research supports the concept of topical protein derivatives aiding in skin repair, which is important because our stem cell potency decreases as we age. Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care Daily Defense Complex uses powerful concentrations of peptide derived from pluripotent non-embryonic human stem cells, along with potent antioxidants and enzymes, to fight off visible aging. This is my most cutting-edge find of the year,” says Marta.

It's clear that TIA understands the science behind skin care, including human stem cells

“Human stem cells have been primarily harvested from adults or from circumcised infant skin. Lifeline Skin Care, through its parent company International Stem cell Corporation, is the first company in the world to create human non-embryonic stem cells from unfertilized eggs – the same stem cells active early in life – and, more importantly for us, how to take extracts to include in anti-aging creams and serums. Lifeline scientists discovered that human non-embryonic stem cell extracts are more powerful than adult stem cells when it comes to improving the look of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.”

“We’ve always been extremely proud of our formulations and the science behind them”, says Roberta Gallagher, VP of Marketing for Lifeline Skin Care “and it is an honor to be recognized by not only the industry but the toughest audience within the industry – actual consumers.”

This is one stem cell serum worth finding!

In her initial review of Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care Daily Defense Complex, Marta stated, “I have been extremely pleased with my experience with Lifeline Daily Defense Complex. My skin is looking very smooth and glowing, and there is a definite impact on wrinkles, especially my forehead lines. This is one stem cell serum worth finding!“ Thank you Marta and Truth In Aging. We are certain you will enjoy what Lifeline Skin Care has in store for you in 2017!