Small Molecule Technology Makes Big Skin Renewal Results Possible

Small Molecule Technology Makes Big Skin Renewal Results Possible

When does "size" matter in anti-aging skin care?

Size definitely matters when it comes to skin renewal, especially in anti-aging serums that promise to assist in smoothing away wrinkles and fine lines, improving the look of discolorations and imperfections, and creating a surface that seems new. Or renewed. The phrase “size matters” can be the difference between your anti-aging skin serum actually being effective -- or just laying on top of your skin.  Which is what makes Lifeline Skin Care’s new Molecular Renewal Serum with small molecule technology so compelling.

The small molecule technology in  Molecular Renewal Serum is harnessed to enable specialized ingredients to penetrate more easily into skin because of their low molecular weight. Small molecules. Big performance. Molecular Renewal Serum actively employs a lipidgel delivery system that’s light and naturally derived. In addition to our patented stem cells, the exquisite formula contains melon extract to improve skin’s appearance, mushroom extract to dramatically increase moisture retention, Dunaliella salina algae extract for its extraordinary antioxidant and anti-aging power, and an olive oil ester for a lighter application and a smoother appearance.

As for collagen, the results will be seen all over your face. Our small molecule technology increases collagen upregulation (i.e. cell sensitivity to chemical messages telling cells to produce more collagen), by as much as 37.5% more than retinol. This is ideal because retinol has been known to cause irritation and redness. It also increases skin’s ability to retain moisture from hyaluronic acid. The result? A face that’s more firm and toned, with less lines and a minimal appearance of age. Christian Dior once said: Everything is inspired by the desire for magical change. With Lifeline’s commitment to advancing technology locked inside Molecular Renewal Serum, that desire can now be realized. Beautifully.

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