Proud of our Parent – ISCO Named by Deloitte as One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Proud of our Parent – ISCO Named by Deloitte as One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies

In a prestige announcement, Deloitte declared Lifeline Skin Care’s parent company, International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO), to be one of 2014’s Technology Fast 500™ fastest growing companies in North America. Moreover, International Stem Cell was the only regenerative medical company to make the list.

Inclusion on the list brought this response from Andrey Semechkin, PhD, ISCO's CEO and Co-Chairman, "Being highlighted by Deloitte as one of America’s fastest growing companies both enhances our reputation and formally acknowledges our achievements over the last few years.”

Founded in 2007, ISCO has been on an amazingly fast track of discoveries and accomplishments. They created the world’s first human pluripotent stem cells using unfertilized eggs, a revolutionary and ethical way to grow new healthy cells to replace damaged ones – without destroying human embryos. In 2010, ISCO received a US Patent for this technology coined as “parthenogenetic” stem cells. Europe followed suit in 2014 and ruled for ISCO’s patent protection in the EU nations as well. Dedicated to curing Parkinson’s disease, ISCO began pre-clinical trial work in 2011 and published a seminal paper in Nature Scientific Reports describing how to grow human cells to treat Parkinson’s disease. Human trials are expected to start using ISCO’s technology as early as this month in Australia, with US trials following shortly thereafter. ISCO is indeed a on a fast track to making life-changing differences in stem-cell medicine.

Deloitte, one of the world’s largest and well respected organizations providing audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services in more than 150 countries, provides a ranking of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies, both public and private, in the U.S. and Canada. Award winners for 2014 were selected based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth during the period from 2009 to 2013. ISCO’s quoted growth rate of 448% during that time span places the company at #215 in the Fast 500 list, and at position #21 out of only 47 biotechnology companies.

While Lifeline Skin Care has undeniably become an industry leader in effective anti-aging, stem-cell skin care, our creation was really no more than an after-thought to a much bigger story. The scientists at our parent company, International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) were hard at work developing revolutionary uses for stem-cells in the quest to cure degenerative diseases. An “aha” moment occurred when they realized how the same bio-engineering technology could be used in skin care. Lifeline products were created to make the technology available in the general marketplace, and in late 2010, the subsidiary company of Lifeline Skin Care was established. To further fund their important medical research, ISCO structured Lifeline so its profits would be an additional source of vital financial support.

Lifeline, and all of its customers, can share in the pride of helping ISCO make such a monumental difference in the world of medical breakthroughs. We will keep you informed on other exciting developments.