Lifeline Skin Care Staff: Our Favorite Products

Lifeline Skin Care Staff: Our Favorite Products

There are so many great Lifeline Skin Care products to choose from, but we have narrowed it down to our own personal favorite. Find out why we love them and why you should too! Let our favorites become yours!

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Lifeline Skin Care Staff - KatieKatie, Professional Sales Customer Service
Night Recovery Moisture Complex

My Favorite product is the Recovery Night Moisture Serum. I use the product every night and when I wake up my skin feels rejuvenated and fresh. It has really made a difference with the few small acne scars I have on my face. Now they are barely noticeable!



Lifeline Skin Care Staff - TatianaTatiana, Cell Production Associate
Neck Firming Complex

The neck skin is very thin and needs special attention. Some cosmetologists  suggest using an eye cream for the neck. I never did because I thought it was a waste. But then Lifeline Skin Care came out with the cream specially developed for the neck and it’s absolutely amazing! It’s definitely worth having special cream for this gentle area. I can see those lines smoothen even though I had them since my early twenties. I highly recommend this cream to everybody who has a neck.


Lifeline Skin Care Staff - SarinaSarina, Director of Finance
Eye Firming Complex

Since I started using the Eye Firming Complex less than a year ago, I have seen a significant improvement in the delicate skin around my eyes. I am so happy with my results, that I’ve started purchasing it for my husband as well. I didn’t realize how much he liked it until the day that I ran out and stole his tube thinking he wouldn’t even notice. Well he did and he stole it back.


Lifeline Skin Care Staff - TonyaTonya, Wholesale Marketing Manager
Dual Action Exfoliator

My favorite product is definitely the exfoliator. I love that it contains glycolic acid along with teeny tiny exfoliating particles. I use it once or twice a week on my face, chest and back and I notice a difference immediately! My skin feels smooth and looks brighter. I notice that my moisturizer and make up apply more uniformly as well. It also does not irritate my skin at all.


Lifeline Skin Care Staff - KateKate, Online Customer Service Representative
Refresh Polishing Gelée

The new Refresh Polishing Gelée is my favorite thing to prepare my skin for the next step. I have very sensitive skin and this Gelee gently cleans and removes dead skin cells. It also hydrates and conditions the skin very well. So it has all 3 functions in one product, everything what my skin needs! The scent of natural grapefruit seed oil leaves my skin feeling refreshed.


Lifeline Skin Care Staff - SueSue, Senior Administrative Assistant
Eye Firming Complex

The Eye Firming Complex is amazing.  I have scars on my eyelids and after one month of using this product, the scarring has lifted and my eyelid seems to have raised and opened my eye up.  I have scarring on my lower lip as well and I dab any excess on that scar as well.  It seems to have softened it up considerably.