Is your Skin Care Unisex and is That a Good Thing?

Is your Skin Care Unisex and is That a Good Thing?

In the 1960s, amid much political turmoil and music upheaval, a new word was coined: Unisex. It’s a word influenced by other words like union, united, and universal. It means something to be shared, and ideal for all. Unisex clothing, hair styles, hair care and skin care are all examples of items that work equally well for men and women. Unisex skin care offers good routine-oriented products that can work on virtually any skin type. Men and women have different skin, not to mention that men have facial hair.

Ninety-five percent of the $91 billion spent every year on skin care is by women. But men are getting into the act, spending nearly $7 billion each year on grooming products, $4 million of that on skin care including cleansers and moisturizers. At Lifeline Skin Care, we focus on creating anti-aging skin care formulas that work, and work for all. Our products are largely fragrance-free. Nothing overpowering, too fruity or too flowery. The packaging is streamlined, with bottles and colors that are mainstream. Chromes and polished platinum, white and turquoise co-mingle on each bottle, tube and jar. But it’s what’s inside each that is most important.

The Brightening Cleanser, in an easy to grasp bottle with a dispensing air pump, contains ultra-fine powders that activate with water to lather, gently exfoliate and deep clean. It contains antioxidants, which all skin needs to stay bright, but it’s the salicylic acid and rice enzymes that make a true difference. It’s ideal for every day use to remove the debris of the day.

Lifeline’s Dual Action Exfoliator safely removes dead surface skin cells, smoothing skin so that it looks and feels renewed. And the duo pack of Daily Defense Complex and Recovery Night Moisture Serum use the power of non-embryonic stem cell peptides to firm and tighten, for day and night. Tall and sleek, with quick thumb release air pump dispensers, both smooth and soften for younger looking skin.

There are more anti-aging skin care products, of course. Ones that are highly appealing to both sexes. And why not? Men are as into good skin as women. According to a 2014 Mintel report, 59 percent of American men say that personal care products boost their self-esteem and 28 percent say they’re concerned about dry skin and the visible signs of aging. Thirty-seven percent use facial cleansers as part of their regular routine, 22 percent use exfoliators, 17 percent use anti-aging skin care and 12 percent use eye creams.

Good skin is good for women. It turns out it’s also good for men. While it’s not one-size-fits-all, it is one-company-for-all. That company is Lifeline.