Get Your Skin Ready for Valentines Day Date Night (Ladies and Gents, too!)

Get Your Skin Ready for Valentines Day Date Night (Ladies and Gents, too!)

You’ve probably thought about what you’ll do for Valentine’s Day this year – but have you thought about how you’ll get your skin ready for this all-important “date night?" Lovers at all ages want to look their best for each other. Here’s a step-by-step skin care guide to getting ready...

Step 1: Exfoliate for a Glow

Is there a “best” way to exfoliate? There are two main ways to exfoliate, each with its benefits. There are physical exfoliators – those that contain granules that will physically rub against the dead skin cells to remove them. And there are chemical exfoliators that may contain glycolic acid to chemically break the bonds between cells and remove dead skin cells more gently. Which will give you better results, especially to prepare your skin for an all-important occasion like a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? The scientists at Lifeline have combined the best of both types of exfoliators, to create a highly effective, but gentle way to exfoliate skin.

Lifeline Dual Action Exfoliator contains both glycolic acid and microcrystals to safely and effectively exfoliate dead surface cells. By regularly and thoroughly removing dead skin cells, you encourage faster cell renewal and give your skin a younger-looking glow.

For the Ladies: Exfoliate your skin before you shower for your big Valentine’s Day date night to unclog pores and freshen skin.

For the Gents: Exfoliate before you shave. (Extra benefit: exfoliating also helps prevent ingrown hairs that can result from clogged pores.) You’ll likely shower, exfoliate, then shave – so see our notes for cleansing your face in the shower below.

Step 2: Cleanse to Brighten

In the shower, use a gentle cleanser to remove all remaining traces of lotions, serums, sunscreen, and anything else you’ve used on your skin throughout the day. Avoid using a deodorant soap bar on your skin. Ingredients can be harsh and drying for facial skin. You’ll find that Lifeline’s unique Brightening Cleanser is a gentle, hydrating cleaner that won’t disturb your skin’s natural moisture balance. Scientifically-formulated with a unique blend of antioxidants, it will help reveal a brighter, more even skin tone.

Step 3: Hydrate for a Beautiful Texture

After your shower (and shave), it’s time to seal in the moisture in your skin. Start with your favorite Lifeline serum on just-damp skin (before any moisturizer). Serums tend to be thinner than moisturizers, so should be applied first.

Molecular Renewal Serum will help firm and tone your skin. Its advanced small molecule technology has advanced retinol-like efficacy, to smooth away the appearance of fine lines without even a hint of irritation. Daily Defense Complex will prevent dehydration, replenish moisture and restore overall firmness. Put the power of peptides extracted from human stem cells to work, to give your skin a more youthful appearance.

Both of these serums will smooth your skin without feeling heavy. (For the girls, these serums are a perfect way to prepare your skin before makeup.)

Step 4: Enjoy a Romantic Evening with Younger-Looking, Radiant Skin

Give your skin the Valentine it deserves from Lifeline Skin Care and let the romance begin!