Are Popular Anti-Aging Solutions Actually Aging Your Skin?

Are Popular Anti-Aging Solutions Actually Aging Your Skin?

For the past 15 years, we’ve been living in the age of the Anti-Ager, especially when it comes to skin aging. We’re constantly prodding, pulling, pricking and (literally) peeling those wrinkles, spots, and other uninvited signs of skin damage off our face and hopefully into the (distant) past, where they belong!

Between our plethora of over-the-counter potions, trips to the facialist, and of course our beloved scrubs, we just might need to ask ourselves, “Is using too many Anti-Aging solutions actually too much for our skin?” When skin is healthy, it glows and when it’s upset, the wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, roughness, eczema, and other forms of irritation show. In fact, if any other organ in or on our body was irritated, red or peeling, we’d drive ourselves to the E.R., but when it comes to our skin, we often say, “Bring it on!”

Our goal at Lifeline Skin Care is to help you improve the look and feel of your skin. We combine the latest discoveries in the fields of stem cell biology, nanotechnology and molecular technology to create the highest quality, scientifically tested and most effective anti-aging products. As a pioneer in anti-aging skin care, we want to change the way you view and treat your skin.  As our second largest immune organ, the skin has the daily and dire task of protecting us against a myriad of internal and external assaults, including free radicals, pathogens (bad bacteria), toxic chemicals, physical damage, and much, much more. Despite the popularity of prodding, pulling, peeling, and pricking, the key word is balance when it comes to fending off the signs of aging and ultimately creating healthy, more youthful-looking skin..

Here are a few of the common Anti-Aging remedies that are actually AGING your skin!

1. Over-cleansing the skin

When we over-cleanse, skin is stripped of its natural oils, and pH balance is disturbed which can weaken skin’s acid mantle made up of important fatty acids. Skin is more susceptible to environmental stress and a weakened immune system – which actually leads to skin aging.

Lifeline skin-saving tip: Gently cleanse the skin twice a day avoiding harsh abrasives or alcohol-based toners that dry out the skin. For sensitive skin types, including skin undergoing medical treatments, limit a physical exfoliator to 1-3 times a week. Our Refresh Polishing Gelee combines ultra-soft luffa particles with soothing Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Sea Whip Extract for purifying and polishing without irritating the delicate skin barrier.

Formulated for all skin types and ideal for daily cleansing, experience our best-selling water-activated Brightening Cleanser with Salicylic Acid, Rice Enzymes and essential hydrators designed to achieve a clearer, more even complexion without any compromise.

2. The overuse of over-the-counter and harsh topical prescription ingredients

This includes Retinoids, Benzyol Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Topical Steroids, just to name a few. The constant use of these ingredients can actually increase inflammation and skin sensitivity beneath the surface layers, only to worsen the problem.

Lifeline skin-saving tip: Seeing consistent redness and irritation? Back off! Your skin is reacting and needs time to calm down. Follow the doctor’s orders on prescriptions and the directions on products you buy in store. Better yet, see an experienced skin care professional who can monitor your skin and help you achieve your goals. If you’re a Retin-A addict, check out our brand new Molecular Renewal Serum which replicates and amplifies the youthful benefits of Retinol but without the down-time and sensitivities. The innovative small molecule technology is more easily accepted by the skin so you see seriously fast results sans the redness!

3. The over-peeled face

When used properly, acids -- such as alpha hydroxy, glycolic, salicylic, lactic -- can remove the top layer of dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell regeneration.

When exfoliating too frequently with acids or harsh topical creams, you can wind up with chronic redness and thin, waxy skin. If you have darker skin, you are prone to stubborn hyperpigmentation due to underlying inflammation! More importantly, over-peeling weakens skin immunity which can cause a slew of irritating and even painful skin sensitivities – even “yawning” can hurt!

Lifeline skin-saving tip: It’s ok to peel the skin in moderation, especially under the care of an experienced skin care expert. Be a proponent of “babying” your skin every day for a complexion that looks and feels healthy and plump. How? By balancing exfoliation with ingredients that baby and rebuild the skin. Our Night Recovery Moisture Complex is ideal for repairing and renewing aging, thinning or compromised skin with our high-performance human stem cell peptide complex fused with nourishing ingredients, including skin-loving safflower oil, phospholipids, and Vitamin E.